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Musicians and Entertainers all around the world

Musicians and Entertainers all around the world, continue to share their creativity on Social Media

With the limitation of movement for people all around the world and multiple cancellations of events and social gatherings due to the Covid19 epidemic that has shocked the world, some of the worlds famous musicians, influencers, actors and actresses have shared a lot of creative content on social media platforms Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook.

Musicians have especially taken to use social media platforms to create their own digital performances and also cover some of their favourite songs to their followers all around the world.

In support of our creatives, a number of brands, digital service providers and broadcast media have joined forces with these talents on a global scale to push the curation of a number of live performances, playlists, collaboration challenges and even cooking shows connecting to fans in their very homes. We applaud Channel O, Hunters Dry, Orange Mobile and YouTube and every musician and singer who’ve connected us more than we ever could have imagined during this time.

Check out some more content pieces from some of our favourite musicians.

  • Dj Kedjevara Digital Live Play X UMGB & Orange Telecommunications Company
  • Little Dragon YouTube Live Concert + Q&A

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