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Okmalumkoolkat Releases New EP



Okmalumkoolkat Releases New EP



Four years after the release of Umlazi Milano, Malumkoolkat returns with the release of his much anticipated 6 track EP titled Bhlomington which features hip hop legend Da Les and some production from 2Kriss. This EP drops with a banger “Ooh Ya Ishu” which has taken the streets by storm thus far.

In his signature fashion, this EP traverses a range of styles and genres. From gliding between the minimalist electro of project opener “More Money Mo” to riding over the bristling bass on the Zooci Coke Dope-produced “Fell in Love With The Mpahlas,” ‘koolkat shows his musical dexterity with consummate ease.

The hip hop influence is as apparent on “Hawaiian” whilst standout track “Oh Ya Ishu” folds Okmalumkoolkat’s many facets into an infectious jam. The tropical elements of the beat prop up the artist’s unique flow and witty lines like “Spovo, we fly like an airline” sum up the inventive direction of the EP perfectly.

This EP is a lot more special as Malumkoolkat also shows off his singing. “I play with a lot of my vocals on this new project. Im not afraid to sing anymore or play different characters in one track. It’s mind theatre “said Koolkat .



Click here to listen:  



Ohh Ya Ishu

The Mpahlas


Amakamera Angishoot



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The Muses release new material to celebrate Africa Day

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In celebration of Africa Day, classical pop foursome, The Muses, have released a series of African Pop songs with a classical twist. The selected songs see the virtuosos paying homage to Johnny Clegg, The Parlotones, Brenda Fassie, Shakira/Freshly Ground and Miriam Makeba.

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Blood & Water Performance

An Original Netflix Series Blood & Water shot in South Africa has a special online performance by Nasty C, Rowlene & Tellaman.


Watch Here

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Africa Day Benefit Concert

On Africa Day, Sho Madjozi joined some of Africa’s biggest names to perform at MTV’s  “Africa Day Benefit Concert.


Watch Here

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A Very Happy Africa Day

Africans all around the world took to social media to celebrate the 57th annual Africa Day. UMG Live artists shared facts about their favourite countries in Africa.


Watch Here

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My Soundtrack By Caroline Grace

Afrikaans Singer/Songwriter Caroline Grace shared a list of her favourite tracks with UMG LIVE on My Soundtrack.


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