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“The award-winning guitar duo, Die Ventertjies, can be described as the darlings of the Boeremusiek community! These two sisters are very talented and when they start playing their guitars, they usually have the crowd on their feet in no time. They bring a unique female touch and x-factor to a genre that tends to be more masculine, which is why we want to invest in their career and future,” explains Christien de Klerk, Universal Music’s Public Relations Manager for Afrikaans Artists, about their exciting decision to offer these versatile musicians a record deal.

Over the past six years, Die Ventertjies’ elaborate and rhythmic renditions of their own original tracks, as well as pre-existing songs, have been a hit on the dance floor at every langarm dance party in the country. A SATMA award for Best Boeremusiek-album (2017) and two Ghoema nominations (2017) later, it comes as no surprise that they have managed to capture the attention of such a prestigious international music label and have been invited to be a part of this winning team.

The duo joins a long list of local and international artists, including Klipwerf Orkes, Chereé, Fatman, Kosie Beukes, Robbie Wessels, Leah and many more, who are also part of the Universal family. “For us, it is a great honour to be approached by Universal Music with such a generous offer. We are very excited about this new challenge and about being part of this new family of musicians,” the sisters share.

Nicola (20) and Lindie-Lee (17) Venter grew up in a musical home and follow in the footsteps of their father, Hennie, who has been playing in bands for years. Although they did not have formal musical training, Nicola can play nine instruments, including the guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, keyboard, banjo, mandolin, harmonica and accordion, and Lindie four, namely guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and banjo. Before becoming a duo, both of them played in one of their father’s bands. 

The duo describes themselves as unique and passionate and is inspired Ricardo Borman and Hansie Roodt’s work. They would also like to work with Klipwerf Orkes and Die Campbells someday. “We can’t single out a specific artist that we look up to, because everyone has something different to offer. We learn, wherever we can, from each and every musician we listen to,” the duo says.

About the challenge of working together as sisters, the ladies reveal: “We often disagree when it comes to song choices, because we don’t always like the same music, but fortunately we have learned to deal with it. The most fun part about performing together, is the fact that we are comfortable with each other and are always there for each other and that makes us calm.”

Universal Music is very excited about the prospect of working with Die Ventertjies and has many exciting plans for them planned for the future that include, amongst other things, the varsTRAP concert on 23 November 2019 at Carnival City… where they will also have the opportunity to make more of their dreams come true when they finally get the chance to share the stage with Klipwerf Orkes.

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